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"Kellie is AMAZING!!"


       "I rarely wear makeup..."


      "I've never looked better!"

Firstly, every time I texted her she responded right away. I had to change the time of the appointment about 3 times, and she was kind and understanding each time. Secondly, she drove to Katy, and was a few minutes early. Thirdly, She had to 

My makeup was one of the things that actually went flawlessly on the big day. Each one of us that had our makeup done looked fantastic! In fact, looking back at some of the pictures, this was the first time I saw myself and thought I was actually pretty!

Kellie's magical powers transformed me... to an excited and refreshed maid of honor who was ready to help the bride have a fabulous day! I'm always my own worst critic, but when I got to see the final look, I was blown away.... 

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