Kellie always does an excellent job on my makeup!
She's done it for my engagement photos, bridals, wedding and for other weddings I've been in! I always recommend her to friends. She's very reliable and the makeup will stay on the entire day...regardless of how much wine you may drink. ;) Highly recommended!!


I cant say enough how amazing Kellie was. 
Firstly, every time I texted her she responded right away. I had to change the time of the appointment about 3 times, and she was kind and understanding each time. Secondly, she drove to Katy, and was a few minutes early. Thirdly, She had to work around my hair lady in a small hotel room, and was perfectly happy waiting on her sometimes, and even happy working in a small space. Lastly, the makeup was incredible. It was sparkly just like I wanted, and perfectly blended. She even airbrushed my shoulders, and chest. I will also add, it lasted all day long, and did not get on anyone's suit jacket after i hugged them. I have never hired a makeup person, and its scary because this is my wedding we are talking about!!! Kellie did amazing, it was just one less thing to worry about. Even my very experienced hair lady grabbed a bunch of her business cards and exclaimed shes awesome, and will be recommending her to all of her clients. Kellie was wonderful, and I will definitely be using her again.


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